Proud Owners


Every puppy deserves the utmost care and happiness after leaving Homestead Poodles. As a result, we love to check in with our proud owners to see how our beautiful, fluffy additions are adjusting to their new home.

We encourage all of our owners throughout the United States to give frequent updates on their poodle companions. Whether feeling cozy up in New Jersey or meeting furry friends in Florida, these puppies always receive superstar treatment. We want to see it!

Wally. Coco. Homer. Ziggy. Each and every Homestead puppy is treated with the love they received from birth. Just like any proud parent, we appreciate when our owners send photographs of birthdays, holidays and family photos.

As the most devoted toy and tiny poodle puppy breeder in the Maryland area, Homestead Poodles makes enriching your family our first priority. Do not hesitate to contact us with feedback or inquiries. We love to hear about our puppies and look forward to hearing from you!