Poodles are among the most intelligent and easily trained of all dogs.  They have cheerful personalities and are eager to please,  which makes them frequent choices for agility and obedience  trials.  Their first training, of course, will be housebreaking.



Feeding your puppy on a regular schedule will result in more regular  elimination.  Young puppies will also need to go out  first thing in  the morning and after napping.  Take your puppy out on a leash to   the same spot each time, and be sure to praise him when he performs.

With small dogs such as toy poodles, it’s tempting to just pick them   up and carry them to their spot, but they won’t learn that way.  Take them to the door on their leash a few times, and they will soon  learn to go to the door whenever they need to go out.  If you carry   them every time, they’ll simply wait for you to come and get them when  they have to go out.

If your puppy does have an accident in the house, there’s no point in   scolding or punishing, since the puppy won’t make the connection.    Puppies only understand scolding if you catch them in the act or as they  are about to commit it.  If you can catch her in the act, take her  out immediately and praise her for finishing outside.  Remember that  your puppy wants to please you, and accidents are often the owner’s fault  for not keeping to a regular schedule.

Clean the accident area thoroughly to remove the scent.  Don’t  use cleaners containing ammonia.  The scent is close enough to the scent of urine to actually encourage the puppy to go there again.