Choosing a poodle puppy can be an extremely difficult decision. How do you choose among degrees of adorableness?  Here  are some things to think about before you start looking for your new  poodle.  Knowing a few specifics about what you want can help you  narrow the field.



Your first decision is whether you want a male or a female.  Males  tend to be more enthusiastic and overtly affectionate, and may have a more stable disposition.  Males will love every body in your home and are very playful.

Females may sulk when they don’t get their way.  They  can also have the tendency to attach themselves to one person and want  nothing to do with anyone else.  Females also tend not to be a  rambunctious about their affection as male dogs, especially once they’re  past the puppy stage.

Evaluating a puppy’s personality is clearly important.  A puppy should be confident, friendly and curious without  being overly brash or aggressive.  Home raised puppies, such as we  have at Homestead Poodles, are already socialized and used to being part of the family.