There are many excellent sources for information about  poodles.  If  you are interested in showing your dog, for instance, you can read the conformation standards for the breed on the American Kennel Club  or United Kennel Club websites.

Much of the information you need, though, should come  from the breeder.  Here at Homestead Poodles, we stand ready to  answer any and all questions regarding your puppy, our standards, or the  breed in general.   All of our breeding dogs have been  genetically tested for PRA-PRCD, and we can provide you with the test results.  Our puppies also come with a health guarantee.  In  addition, we provide a five-generation pedigree and registration with the AKC.

Poodles are often selected to compete in agility and  obedience trials, since they are highly intelligent and easily trained.  For information about these competitions, visit the AKC   or UKC sites.  For general information on puppy training, websites abound, as do books and videos.


information on home raised puppies

At Homestead Poodles, we home-raise our puppies and,  therefore, get to know them on a personal level.  That said, we can  also give you a lot of information about their temperaments and  personalities. We know which one is an active rascal and which one loves  to cuddle..  Breeders who keep their dogs in kennels do not have that opportunity for close observation, and of course pet shops can  provide you with nothing except the pup’s papers.