Any poodle that measures no more than 10 inches tall at the highest  point of its shoulder is officially classified as a toy poodle.  There are other terms, such a tiny toy, teacup poodles and pocket  poodles, which are used to designate the smaller sizes.  These are  simply terms of convenience, however.  The only official  classifications are standard, miniature and toy.

Standard poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs and  retrievers.  That’s the origin of their distinctive clip: it was  intended to make it easier for the dog to swim, while leaving the heavy  coat to protect its joints and internal organs.  Miniature and toy poodles have almost always been companion animals.  They were the most popular pets in America for more than twenty years.

The smallest poodles used to be referred to as “sleeve  dogs,” and were considered a status symbol in the French  court.  They were especially popular from the reign of Louis XIV  through that of Louis XVI, and frequently appeared in 17th century court  portraits, where their clever faces and merry eyes often pointed out the inadequacies of the human subject!


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At Homestead Poodles, we specialize in toy and tiny toy poodles, with  an occasional pocket or teacup cutie.  Our puppies are entirely  home-raised, and never spend their lives in cages or kennels.  Poodles are intelligent, sociable dogs, and when they have been raised   in such a manner that nurtures these traits, they can easily become a  part of your family.