A tiny toy poodle will generally weigh between four and six pounds  and stand eight or nine inches tall.  The term tiny toy is not an official show classification.  It is merely a descriptive term to  help breeders and owners distinguish among the smaller sizes.

The term “owner,” for that matter, has its problems when  you’re referring to these little darlings.  Poodles as a breed are particularly “people” dogs, and consider themselves to be part  of the family.  That’s certainly how they are raised here at  Homestead Poodles.


home raised tiny toys

All of our puppies are home raised, never seeing the inside of a cage  or a kennel.  They interact from the earliest age with other dogs, cats and people, so by the time they come to your home, they are  completely socialized, and will have no problem becoming a member of   your family.  Poodles are very intelligent dogs, and will respond  quickly to housebreaking and obedience training.

Tiny toys are particularly suited to apartment dwelling, since they  can get enough exercise indoors and with their daily walks.  They are also small enough so that you can easily take them with you to   places where you couldn’t take a larger dog, and they love to see the world!  Remember, though, that you must never leave your dog in the  car unattended on hot days.  Even with the windows open,  temperatures in cars can become deadly in five minutes.  Small dogs  such as tiny toys are particularly susceptible to extremes of heat and cold.