Teacup poodles, also know as pocket poodles, are the tiniest variety of the toy breed, generally weighing less than four pounds.  Because of  our concerns for their health and well being, we don’t breed such small  animals at Homestead Poodles. However, there are teacup  puppies born to slightly larger parents with a lot of small genetics.


caring for your teacup poodle

Because their body weight is so low, teacup poodles are very  susceptible to being chilled or over heated. Even drinking very cold water or chewing on ice can give them a chill.  Be sure they have adequate protection from the weather when going outside in winter, and keep them out of the direct sun in summer.

Teacups are prone to hypoglycemia and must be fed several small meals   a day.  They need to be monitored to insure they are eating or they  will have a hypoglycemia attack (sugar drop).  If you do not catch  the sugar drop early the puppy could end up having seizures, going into a coma and even dying.  These small dogs are not recommended for households where both parents work or have small children.  Full written instructions on the care of the small dogs are provided when the puppy is picked up.