Show Poodles & Show Breeding

What is the difference between a show quality poodle and a pet  quality poodle?  Sometimes an almost unnoticeable variation from  the breed standards set by the American Kennel club can make all the         difference.  How can you tell whether the puppy you’re buying has  the potential to be a show dog?

Coloring is one very important aspect.  While some natural  variation in the colors of the animal’s coat is allowed, such as darker  fringing on the ears, the animal’s coloring at the skin must be clear  and even.  Parti-colored dogs are not eligible for AKC shows.   Additionally, the color of the eyes, lips, nose, eye-rims and toenails  must meet specific standards for conformation shows.  A puppy could  thus be classified as pet quality because its toenails are too dark or   its eyes too light.

The dog’s muzzle must be strong, with a definite chin, and it must  have a perfect scissor bite.  A dog with a slight overbite would be  considered pet quality.  Even a curled tail could disqualify a dog  from shows.


a reputable breeder is a must for show dogs

Here at Homestead Poodles, we have both show quality and pet quality  dogs, and we will never try to sell you one for the other.  While  it is impossible to tell exactly what a puppy will look like as an   adult, we can be more certain of its quality when we have bred them  carefully.  All our breeding dogs are genetically tested for PRCD-PRA.   They have five-generation pedigrees and are carefully examined for any  potentially disqualifying characteristics.  You can be assured that  if you are looking for a show dog, you will be getting the best possible puppy for your purpose.