Here at Homestead Poodles, we sell only purebred, home raised  puppies.  The advantages of home raising are obvious: increased  socialization and ability to adapt to the new family.  But what are  the advantages and disadvantages of buying a purebred puppy?



While there are certainly many variations among purebred poodles, you  always know basically what your puppy will look like when it’s  grown.  No purebred poodle will have a sleek or silky coat, for  instance, or a blunt muzzle, or short legs in proportion to the body.  Color and size can also be predicted with reasonable  accuracy.

Attitude and behaviors are also aspects that can be predicted to some  extent in purebred puppies.  An English sheepdog is going to want  to herd things, a beagle is going to want to track things, and an Akita  won’t tolerate another dog of the same sex.  Purebred poodles are  by temperament cheerful, friendly and intelligent dogs, and easily trained.

The danger of a purebred animal, of course, is that inbreeding might  increase the chances of combining genes that carry negative  traits.  Poodles can be susceptible to certain defects such as  luxating patellas, heart murmurs and hypoglycemia.  That is why it is so important to buy your purebred dog from a knowledgeable  breeder.  All of our breeding dogs have been Optigen tested for  PRCD-PRA, and their breeding is carefully controlled to avoid the dangers of inbreeding.

This is one of the primary reasons why our puppies come with a registration from the AKC.  The American Kennel Club is far better known, and AKC papers are necessary for most shows.  However, we feel that the UKC standards on inbreeding and the ethics of  breeders are more stringent.