Thanks to media attention, most people are aware of the  horrific conditions that apply at puppy mills.  The animals are  neglected and crowded into unsanitary kennels, leading to injuries and  disease.  Sometimes people want to buy a puppy from such a place in  order to rescue it, but good intentions can have ill effect.  Everytime someone buys a puppy from a mill, he or she is making is possible  for the unscrupulous breeders to stay in business.

Many people are not aware that puppies in pet shops may also come from puppy mills.  Pet shop puppies have not been  socialized, and may have health problems that will show up later.  Because many die while being transported in vans, the prices are often  inflated to make up for the losses.



At the very least, a reputable breeder will have spotlessly clean premises and be willing to let you visit the area for yourself.  Be wary of the breeder who is only willing to show you one or two puppies at a time, and not their parents.  Reputable breeders are knowledgeable and willing to answer ay of your questions, and will  never subject you to a hard sell.

At Homestead Poodles, we raise all our puppies in our  home.  They are treated like members of the family, and are never  kept in cages or kennels.  Because they are truly home raised, our  puppies are already socialized, and use to being around people, cats and other dogs.  Each puppy comes with a health guarantee and a  five-generation pedigree, as well as  registration with the AKC.