Pocket poodles are the smallest version of this breed.  They weigh less than four pounds, and are also known as teacup poodles.  These little darlings are an excellent choice for  apartment dwellers, since they can get plenty of exercise in a small  space.  Like all poodles, they are also a good choice for allergy  sufferers, since they don’t shed.

Such small animals, of course, need special care.  Because of  the possibility of complications, we don’t breed any dog  under four pounds at Homestead Poodles.  Luckily, however,  pocket-sized puppies can be born to slightly larger parents with small  genetics, so we do have them for sale.    Also the AKC does not recognize the term pocket or teacup poodle as they are just a small toy and are registered as toys with the AKC.

As their name implies, pocket poodles are small enough  to be carried with you when you leave the house.  Be sure, however,   to protect your tiny friend from extremes of heat or cold.  Small  animals can have trouble regulating their internal temperature, since  they have such a low body weight.  Even feeding it frozen treats or letting it chew on an ice cube can give it a chill.



When you’re that small, a trip from the living room to the  kitchen is a trek, so you needn’t worry about your puppy getting enough  exercise.  However, puppies still need regular playtime.  Socialization, bonding with humans, and relief from boredom are important  functions that playtime fulfills.  If there are small  children  in the home or if you work outside the home  these little tiny dogs are not recommended.