The term “phantom poodle” does not refer to a  specific breed or size of poodle, only to its color and markings.   Phantom poodles are bi-colored, with the same markings as a  Doberman.  That is, they have a lighter color appearing on their  “eyebrows,” muzzle and throat, legs and feet, below their  tail and a bowtie on the chest..  For a dog to be classified as a phantom it must have all the  markings of a Dobie.  Phantoms are now recognized in the UKC show  ring.

Phantom poodles are also accepted by the AKC in various  color combinations.  Black can be combined with apricot,  cream, gray, red and silver.  Brown and tan can both be combined.  No matter what the color combination, a dog’s coat    must comply with the standards for phantom markings to qualify for  conformation shows with the UKC.



phantom poodles at homestead poodles

For an excellent example of a phantom poodle with bowtie   markings, see the picture of  Pride posted on our “Dams”  page.  Phantasie is an adorable phantom puppy whose photo can be  found on our “Proud owners” page and Justy posted above.  Of course, color and markings aren’t the most important aspect of choosing your poodle.

All our breeding dogs have been Optigen tested for PRA-PRCD and come with a health guarantee.  We also provide a five-generation pedigree and  registration with the American Kennel Club.  Our puppies are entirely home raised, and are used to being around kids, cats and neighbors.  That means that when they come to you, they are completely socialized, and therefore free of the nervousness and high-strung qualities that some inadequately socialized poodles can have