Homestead Poodles is only one of a great many dog breeders in  Maryland. In addition to professional and “backyard” breeders,  there are also pet stores and, regrettable, puppy mills.  With all  these choices before you, how can you be certain that you’re dealing   with a reputable and ethical breeder?

The word “reputable” leads you directly to your first step.  You should be able to obtain references from owners of puppies that were bred by the breeder you’re reviewing.  You should  also be given access to the breeder’s vet.  There is no substitute for a good reputation.

An ethical breeder should be willing to show you the premises where   the puppies are raised and to introduce you to a puppy’s parents.  Knowledgeable breeders will be able to answer all your questions fully  and truthfully, and will not hesitate to say if they feel a particular  puppy or breed is not the best choice for you.  You will never be  subjected to any “hard sell” from a good breeder.

A responsible breeder guarantees the health of your puppy, and not  just for a few days.  All of our breeding dogs have been Optigen   tested for PRA-PRCD, and we have one of the best guarantees.  Most  breeders only offer to take a puppy back if something is wrong with it  and will do nothing more.  We understand that you have already  bonded with your puppy, and making an exchange isn’t going to be  satisfying.  Therefore, our guarantee provides the option, after consultation, of paying half  the cost of surgery to repair any medical problems or reimbursing you half the purchase price of the dog which ever is the lesser.



Many people are familiar with the dreadful and inhumane conditions to  be found at puppy mills.  It may seem like a good idea to buy a puppy there in an effort to rescue it.  Similarly, you may feel  sorry for a puppy in a pet store, kept in a small cage.  Buying   from these outlets, however, only keeps the puppy mills in business, and  actually works against solving the problem.  Please, buy your puppy from a reputable breeder, and don’t support puppy mills and the pet  stores that buy from them.