What makes a poodle a Champion?  Officially, the American Kennel  Club designates a dog a Champion of Record if it has won fifteen points  in at least two shows and under two different judges.  The winner in each classification receives a number of points based on the number of eligible dogs competing in its class and gender.

Classifications are designated by breed, of course, but by other factors as well.  Puppies six to twelve months old, for instance,  are in a separate class from older dogs.  Those dogs who have been   previously undefeated winners in other classes compete against each other in the Winners class.




While there are other competitions for qualities such as agility and obedience, Champions are judged by their conformation to the standards of the breed.  Every physical quality of the dog, such as the shape and color of its eyes, the way its tail is set, the quality of its coat  (and for poodles, its clip), the shape of the skull and how its ears  hang, is examined and judged.  Other points are awarded for gait  and temperament.

At homestead Poodles, we breed Champions; some by AKC  guidelines, and some who are simply the Champions of their  families.  All our breeding dogs have been genetically tested with   Optigen for PRA-PRCD.  Our health guarantee is one of the best   offered by any breeder.  While no one can predict with 100 percent  accuracy which puppies from a litter will become Champions, we are  extremely proud of our puppies and their bloodlines.