The standard for showing brown poodles states that they are to have  dark amber eyes and dark liver noses, lips, eye rims and toenails.    There’s no way to be objective, though, when describing the beauty of   their rich, deep, chocolate color.  Even photos don’t truly do them  justice, as you’ll realize when you see them for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that brown poodles do tend to   go prematurely gray.  There are some who think that brown poodles  tend to be more active and energetic–more “doggy” than those   of other colors.  Most breeders agree, however, that there is  little connection between personality and coat color.  In fact, a  poodle’s personality has more to do with how it has been raised.    If you get your poodle from a kennel-type source, chances are he or she  will have behavioral problems.



caring for your poodle PUPPY


Any puppy from Homestead Poodles, however, will come to you  completely socialized.  We raise our puppies in our home, from the   moment they are born until they go to their new families.  They are used to being around other dogs, cats and children, so they won’t have  problems adjusting.

Once you take your precious poodle home with you, you only have to  help him or her adjust to your home life.  A big part of that  adjustment is housebreaking.  There is one error that is very easy  for owners of toy poodles to make when training them to relieve  themselves outdoors.  That error is picking them up and carrying  them outside to the designated place.  They’re just so little and  cute, it’s hard not to!  But puppies don’t learn anything by this,  and when they need to go, they will just wait for you to come and get  them.  Put your little darling on a leash and walk him or her  outside–just like a big dog.   That way your puppy will learn  to come to the door and let you know when he or she wants to go out.