The poodle breed in general is sturdy and  even-tempered.  Poodles were originally bred as game retrievers,  but smaller dogs were also immensely popular from the 17th century on.  Today’s toys, tiny toy and teacup poodles are not meant to be sent into a lake after a duck (which might well be bigger than the dog!)  However, they still have the stamina and intelligence of  their ancestors.


caring for small poodles

The first and most important element in caring for your  poodle is to be sure it is properly socialized.  If you buy your  puppy at Homestead Poodles, you can be certain he or she is already used to being around strangers, children, other dogs and cats.  We home  raise all our puppies, so they are ready to become part of your  family.  Keep them confined in part of the house when you first get  them and make sure children are gentle with them.

The smaller the animal, the more susceptible it is to  fluctuations in temperature.  With such a low body weight, a small  toy poodle can easily get chilled or overheated.  Protect your poodle from the elements when you go outside, and never, ever leave any  dog unattended in a car.  The temperature can reach fatal highs in  as  little as five minutes, even with a window open.

A poodle’s coat is its glory, and needs care to keep it at its best.  Poodles should be brushed at least every other day to keep their coats from getting snarled and tangled.  A puppy less than a year old is usually given a puppy clip, which shaves the face, throat, feet and base of the tail, leaving the trademark pompom to wag.